Linwood Apps

  • Primary Band - For Primary schools, provides a full three term whole-class course of music learning and performance with the transferable skill of sight-reading uniquely at its core. It is designed to be led by teachers with little or no musical training.
  • iReadGuitar - Gets guitarists of all styles started on sight-reading standard musical notation. The most up-to-date technology and our unique method give popular access to a valuable skill, formerly the preserve of only the few.
  • CountryDIY - Teaches keys, chord progressions and tempos as you play a five-piece string band with one finger and sing along. Fun and educational, it is the door into music for those who don't play a regular musical instrument and a useful tool for those who do.
  • JamBuddy - Gives you rock-solid looped 12-bar accompaniments in any of eight major keys at the tempo you desire so you can jam along and improve your blues improvisation skills on your chosen instrument.

The iReadGuitar Pro Mission

The iReadGuitar Pro app’s mission is to guide guitarists of all styles and levels towards playing standard musical notation at sight efficiently and confidently.

Course structure and content

The course is organised into 60 sections. Each section teaches only one new musical element at a time.

The information screens

The information screen is the first part of each section. You see a new musical element on-screen, with a pictorial explanation.

The exercise screens

At the beginning of each musical workout, the screen is static.

Playing through the exercises

When you are ready to play you tap the screen. The tempo buttons, and the number of the workout will disappear.

The accompaniments

The accompaniments are all on the beat. They are chords or single notes, and give a solid reassuring basis to play along with.

The three principles of good sight-reading

Read ahead, Don’t name the notes. Keep your eyes on the score.

About The Developer

Julian lives in Leicester, United Kingdom.

Julian Wright - Founder & Director